High Voltage Infrastructure

We safely carry out critical equipment repair and refurbishment in hazardous High Voltage environments.

Trusted service partners for critical High Voltage services

Our specialist team knows that High Voltage equipment is an expensive and crucial requirement for your organisation. With the right people, systems, training, policies and procedures to work in often-hazardous environments, your HV infrastructure is in safe hands with STE.

We offer a range of repair and refurbishment services for large-scale projects including battery infrastructure, solar and wind farms, and high voltage transmission substations. We also work to provide the HV requirements for underground residential developments and within the mining and processing sectors.


Our HV repair and refurbishment capabilities include:

  • Complete substation installation including civil works, earth grid installation, primary plant erection and secondary systems installation
  • Maintenance and testing of HV and LV switchboards and switchgear (indoor and outdoor)
  • High Voltage testing of primary plant using the latest test equipment
  • Installation of indoor and outdoor HV and LV Equipment
  • HV and LV protection testing and commissioning
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system commissioning High Voltage transformer maintenance, with experience in larger units up to 500kv
  • Cable integrity testing, fault location and repair work up to 33kv
  • High Voltage switching with national accreditation
  • Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and inspections of electrical assets