After a HV isolator at a client’s substation seized and was no longer operational, STE sourced a suitable replacement and coordinated the installation and testing.

Replacement of a 132kV isolator

Location: South Australia

During the maintenance of the 132kV electrical assets at a client’s substation, it was noted that a HV isolator had seized and was no longer operational.

The client requested STE to source a suitable replacement and coordinate the installation and testing.

As the manufacturer of the seized isolator was no longer in business, STE approached many reputable manufacturers to source the best possible replacement unit which could be installed with the existing support structures and secondary cabling. A suitable replacement was found, and the client approved the procurement and installation of said unit.

Discussions were held with the client to agree on a suitable time for the replacement to occur; planning the works to minimise the loss of production and to have the least amount of impact on the day to day operation of the facility.

A date was agreed and STE began the required preparations, safety documents, transport, crane hire and resource allocation. These plans were developed taking into consideration the effects that COVID-19 restrictions may have on the project.

Mobilisation occurred, and upon arrival the equipment had been de-energised by the client and the replacement of the isolator commenced.

The team was on-site for two days and finalised the installation and commissioning of the isolator within the agreed timeline without incident.

Project Statistics

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